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What is unique about the Les Gets ski resort?

Looking for a pleasant place to stay during your vacation? We invite you to discover the “Les Gets” ski resort, located in the heart of Haute-Savoie. Whether you are seeking adventure, breathtaking landscapes, or relaxation, come and explore Les Gets!

The Advantages of Haute-Savoie

Bordering Switzerland and Italy, the Les Gets resort boasts a strategic location. It is conveniently close to major cities like Geneva (1-hour drive, also accessible via Swiss Tours), Lyon (2.5-hour drive), and Aosta (3-hour drive), making it easy to reach your Les Gets vacation rental for a weekend or a week-long holiday. Beyond its easy accessibility, the resort offers stunning landscapes. Nestled in the Alpine massif, you can enjoy a unique viewpoint of Mont Blanc.

It’s worth noting that Les Gets has become a smoke-free ski area. You will no longer be bothered by the smell of smokers near the ski lifts or exposed to cigarette butts. In its ongoing effort to develop an environmentally conscious resort, Les Gets is the first in France to offer rechargeable lift passes made of wood, which are discreet and durable.

When to Visit the Les Gets Resort?

Les Gets is a resort open both in winter and summer. Depending on the time of year you visit, you can enjoy a wide range of activities.

In winter, the resort is open from mid-December to mid-April. Thanks to its altitude, the resort benefits from good snow coverage throughout the season, offering more than 120 km of slopes for Les Gets-Morzine. Take advantage of a low-cost pass on Saturdays (€32) or the weekend package (€62), allowing for a nature getaway. For avid skiers, note that the resort is part of the Portes du Soleil area, comprising over 12 ski resorts with more than 580 km of slopes between France and Switzerland!

Family-friendly, the resort also offers “fun” slopes, such as the Mauve slope and the Grand Cry territory, where children can enjoy themselves in different ways. If you want to explore other disciplines, you can also try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, allowing you to take the time to appreciate the surrounding landscapes.

For the curious, it is also possible to discover “ski Joëring.” Originating from Scandinavia, this activity involves being pulled by a horse along forest trails.

For those looking to discover the resort in summer, enjoy pleasant temperatures under the shade of fir trees while trying various activities: from hiking, paragliding initiation, and a huge bike park (which happens to be the largest in Europe!) to relaxing on the terrace of your alpine chalet rental with a jacuzzi.

The resort also hosts other events, such as Rock the Pistes (a pop-rock festival on the slopes) and the Pass’Portes.

Seasonal Rentals in Les Gets: How to Find the Perfect Accommodation for Your Stay

Due to its size, it is possible to find apartments in Les Gets right in the heart of the village, allowing you to be close to all amenities. If you are looking for more tranquility, you can also choose a chalet as your seasonal rental in Les Gets. At IMMO’SELECT, we offer a selection of prestigious and high-end accommodations for your vacation. Book your stay in Haute-Savoie now, whether with friends or family!

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