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Sponsor a friend with Immo Select!

Vous avez une connaissance, un proche, une amie, un voisin…qui souhaite vendre son bien immobilier aux Gets ? Saviez-vous que vous avez la possibilité de le parrainer en lui recommandant notre agence ?

Sponsor a friend with Immo Select!

You know a acquaintance, a family membre, a neighbour… who wants to sell his property in Les Gets? Did you know that you can sponsor him, by recommending our agency?

Rusty, our mascot, tells you everything.

Sponsorship, what does it consist of?

That is really easy: it’s a win-win partenership.

On the one hand, you, the sponsor, connect the future seller of the property with our team.

On the other hand, your contact, the sponsored, benefits from offers when he entrusts us, thanks to you, with the sale of his property.

What are the benefits from the sponsorship*?

In this concept, each party wins.

You get 500€ when the exclusive sales mandate* is signed.
The sponsored will get various benefits (technical diagnosis**, loi ALUR** pack, virtual visit, website…).

* See conditions at the agency
** Mandatory for sale

In concret terms, what do you have to do?

To become our business introducer, nothing could be more simple. You juste have to give us your contact details, the ones of the futur saller and the property’s adress, via our contact page
And thereafter, we take care of the rest, namely making contact with your sponsored.
If you want to, you can also give all the information directly to the agency, by mail ( or by post.

And remember, our most beautiful window is you. So, like Rusty, be on the lookout and get started!

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